How is the payment status defined?

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The payment status of each transaction is to be interpreted differently according to the payment method. In addition, the status processing is different depending on the payment method. 

Final status are: Final Success, Final Error, Aborted by User, Timeout, Final Cancel. 

Other advice of payment status could occur depending on where in the donation process the transaction currently is.


Final status options 

  • Final Success: Payment has been completed successfully. For SMS donations: The payment was confirmed by the donor.

  • Final Error: The payment could not be finalised. This will happen, for example, in the case of a credit card being declined. In the case of SMS donations, the donation was not confirmed with a "YES" within an hour.

  • Aborted by User: Either the donor has aborted the payment during the payment process or has not continued with the entry of his data for a longer period than 12 hours. This consequently leads to termination of the transaction.

  • Timeout: The payment provider no longer accepted the payment because the donor waited too long before making the payment. The payment duration period depends on the individual provider.

  • Final Cancel: This status is available for credit cards and PostFinance cards. The payment has been cleared by the API and no amount appears on the account of the donor. For example, in the case of recurring payments, the credit card was checked (see Authorization Success) and then the payment was cancelled.


Other status options

  • New: The payment has just been made by the donor and sent to the API. 

  • Sent to payment proxy: The payment is in an intermediate state and has not yet been forwarded to the Payment Service Provider (see Datatrans).

  • Intern: The donor will see the form for completing the credit card details on the RaiseNow page. PayPal donations will automatically appear on PayPal. PostFinance payments will be cancelled due to the fact that no RaiseNow form is listed.

  • Authorization Success: This status is only applicable to recurring payments. Because the first payment will possibly take place later on a defined date, such as the end of the month, depending on the subscription, the payment is checked for validity.
  • Success: The payment provider's response is positive. In the case of Swiss SMS donations, the payment was sent to the operator (Swisscom, Salt, Sunrise), but the donor has not yet confirmed the payment.

  • Error from payment provider: The Payment Service Provider reports an error. These can be, for example, input errors or security problems.
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