Setting up a direct debit donation subscription

Patricia Buss -

Direct debits can be set up via a PDF file sent to you, or from a physical order form.

For the physical order form, you will need to send the form to the donor after they have requested this type of payment.

The PDF version is a lot easier: the donor can download, print and sign the PDF, then return the form to you, so that you can request the direct debit at your bank.

The PDF can be customized and your company logo added.

In order to request direct debits you need an LSV-IDENT (bank) and an RS-PID (post). Please contact your financial or banking adviser.

In the widget, the parameters (first name, surname, interval of donation etc.) are shown on the PDF.

If you are using our API without a widget, please contact and we'll give you all the necessary parameters that need to be set.

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