Overview of parameters in the RaiseNow Manager

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In this article you find an overview of the varios parameters that you can display in the RaiseNow Manager. Since the name of the parameters are sometimes not easily understandable, please look through the following list to see whether you can find what you were searching for. If not, please contact us  under support@raisenow.com , we will help you and consequently update this list. 




Details of the donation

RaiseNow transaction id epp_transaction_id
Amount of the donation amount
Date (on which the donation was made) created
Payment method payment_method_identifier
Last status of the payment last_status
URL (on which the donation was made) stored_rnw_source_url
Donation purpose stored_rnw_purpose_text
Testmode (describes whether the donation was done in testmode) test_mode
The language in which the donation process was done language 
Details of the donor  
Country of the donor stored_customer_country
E-mail address of the donor stored_customer_email
Salutation of the donor stored_customer_salutation
Firstname of the donor stored_customer_firstname
Lastname of the donor stored_customer_lastname
Street of the donor stored_customer_street
Zip code of the donor stored_customer_zip_code
Place of residence of the donor stored_customer_city
Recurring donations  
Interval of recurring donations stored_translated_recurring_interval
The token of the subscription to which this transaction belongs to.  subscription_token


Parameters for different payment methods

Pay-in Slip  
Link to the PDF with the pay-in slip  espayment_pdflink
Shows whether a customer has ordered a pay-in slip via mail stored_es_ordered
Credit Card Donations  
Name of the credit card holder  card_holder_name
expiry date (year)  expy
expiry date (month)  expm
SMS Spenden  
keyword stored_keyword
Short number of the keyword stored_shortnumber
Mobile phone number of the customer stored_customer_phone
Mobile provider of the customer smspayment_operator
 Paypal Donations  
E-mail of the Paypal Account  paypal_customer_email
Firstname of the Paypal account holder paypal_customer_firstname
Lastname of the Paypal account holder paypal_customer_lastname
Paypal transaction fee for this donation paypal_transaction_fee_amount

You can look up how to filter parameters in the RaiseNow Manager hier .



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