How do I filter information in the RaiseNow Manager?

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The RaiseNow Manager has some pre-defined filters, which you can activate with the click of your mouse. If you need a customised filter to be developed, please contact our support team at


Here are some useful filtering tips:


Full-text search

If you are looking for a specific word, you can use a full-text search: Enter the search term in the "Search" text field and it will automatically search through all available fields.


Elastic search

Elastic search allows you to create detailed and specific search queries that are easy to compose.

  • Search with field names:

You can apply a full-text search to a specific field or parameter. To do this, first enter the field name followed by a colon and then the search term. For example: Stored_customer_city: zürich if you are looking for donors from Zurich.

  • Wildcards: 

If you want to search for Zurich as well as other cities, you will need a placeholder in the filter. The asterisk (*) represents any text string, while the question mark (?) represents exactly one character.


Stored_customer_city: zu* finds zuerich, zug

Stored_customer_city: *u* finds all cities with a u: Brugg, Luzern, Zug etc.

Stored_customer_city: zu? finds only zug

  • Grouping:

If you are looking for something specific, you can group the search terms. For example:

Combining the same parameters: cities, in this example 

  • stored_customer_city:zug OR stored_customer_city:zürich will give you donors from Zug or from Zürich
  • stored_customer_city:zug AND stored_customer_city:zürich would only work if someone has stated they live in both places, which in this case does not make much sense; this is therefore a nonsense example 

Two different parameters can be combined: city and name, in this example

  • stored_customer_city:zug AND stored_customer_name:Max. This will give you every Max from Zug who has donated
  • Exclude:

Excluding a parameter can also be useful. For example, if you want to display all the payment methods except SMS donations, follow these steps:

NOT payment_method_identifier:sms
the ! and NOT have the same function here 

  • Interval:

Use the following search option to search for an interval.

amount:[500 TO 1000] filters all transactions between CHF 5 and CHF 10. Note: the amount must be indicated in cents: 500 = 500 centimes = 5 Francs.  (depends on your currency)

amount:<500 filters all transactions with an amount under CHF 5
amount:>500 filters all transactions with an amount of over CHF 5
amount:<=500 filters all transactions with an amount of under or equal to CHF 5.


How do I find the parameters?

The parameters are explained here for all widgets, or you'll find details when you move your mouse over the bold titles in the transaction detilas. The Search field displays the parameters you can use to search.

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