Different User in the RaiseNow Manager

Katharina Buske -

The RaiseNow Manager allows to configure different users for one organisation. The different users mainly differ in their rights and views in the RaiseNow Manager.

You find an overview of the different users and their rights here: 

User  Rigths 
View Only  Only reading access
Finance Officer


  • Refunding transactions


  • For SMS donation, a finance officer always needs to be defined. His address is used for the invoice. 


  • setting and checking webhooks (E-mails for different events, e.g. donation confirmation)
Merchant Admin   This user has all rights and can see all tabs in the RaiseNow Manager 

A general rule of thumb. The further you go down on the user list, the more rights the user will have. 

If a new user for a new customer is created, it will by default be a merchant admin. This way we ensure that the new customer can use the RaiseNow Manager to its full extent. 

 In case you want to create a new user, please send us an e-mail to support@raisenow.com and we will gladly set up a new account for you. Keep in mind that different users exist, so please consider which rights the new user needs. 



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