dds.widget.html file - Purpose and Integration

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The dds.widget.html file is an important part of the integration of our widgets.

While the Script Tag is responsible for loading and displaying the widget correctly, the dds.widget.html file allows us to redirect the customer after the final part of the checkout process back to your site and ensures that donations are successfully transacted over your server .

More precisely it is responsible for displaying the following window at the end of the payment process. 




If the dds.widget.html file is not integrated correctly into your side, the donor receives an error message after the checkout process. This can be quite confusing, since the donor might assume that the donation didn't go through. In reality though, the donation process was successful, the donation can be tracked in the RaiseNow Manager, but only the 'Thank you' page is not displayed. 

Hence, it is extremely important that the dds.widget.html file is integrated into your website. How the integration works is explained step by step below.

By default, we defined the path onto /widgets/lema/ddswidget.html. For example

You can download the data file here:

1. To do this, you go to said URL in your web browser (Note: don't use Microsoft Edge!). You will get an error message 'Missing stored_rnw_widget_instance_id parameter in response'. You can ignore and click away this error message.

2. Now click 'Save as...' and call the file 'ddswidget.html'. Choose to save this file in the format 'html only'. Copy or save this file in your Lema widget file folder on your webserver.

3. If you receive the error message 'Missing stored_rnw_widget_instance_id parameter in response' again when clicking on this new link, it means you have installed everything correctly.

! ATTENTION ! If you can't change the URL of the dds.widget.html file after you uploaded it to your server (often the case with Wordpress), please let us know the URL where the dds.widget.html file is saved. We can manually adjust this URL in our configuration and ensure that the checkout process will still work. It is only important the the dds.widget.html file is saved in the same site as the widget. 


If you have any further questions or problems with dds.widget.html file, please do not hesitate to contact us under




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