Maximum amount SMS donation (CH)

Katharina Buske -

# This article is specifically for customers in Switzerland # 


If you have chosen SMS donations, there are two possibilities regarding the amount of a donation. The first option is to set a fixed amount. That means that with ever donation vis SMS the same amount is donated. The second possibility is a variable donation amount. With a variable amount the donor can choose individually which amount he wants to donate. 

Generally, we set the the variable amount between 1 CHF - 100 CHF. Therefore the smallest donation is 1 CHF and the highest donation is 100 CHF.

The charge is subsequently written down from the donor's mobile phone subscription. 

Attention! The mobile provider 'Salt' set the maximum amount of a donation to 99.99 CHF and therefore 100 CHF donation are not possible if the donor has a Salt subscription. If the donor donates 100 CHF or more it will be automatically set to 99.99 CHF.




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