How, when and by whom are the donation transactions paid?

Patricia Buss -

With a RaiseNow E-Payment agreement:

Payment Method
Paying Institution
Credited Acccount
Payment Timeframe
Credit Card Acquirer (Six Payment Services, Aduno, Concardis, Swisscard, etc.) Bank account in accordance with contract Depends on contract (monthly, according to the rules)
PostFinance PostFinance Bank or Post account in accordance with contract Within 24 hours, according to the rules
PayPal PayPal PayPal account Immediately
Payslip Donor (direct bank transfer) Account, in accordance with payslip Dependent on the donor (payment via online banking, post, etc.)
Direct Debit Donor (direct bank transfer) Account, in accordance with debit authorisation Depends on the direct debit authorisation (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually)
SMS FairGive Bank or Post account in accordance with the SMS donations payout agreement 60-90 days after the donation (We have to wait for payout from the operator and for the phone bill to be paid)



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