Reconciling TWINT donations

Patricia Buss -

Go to the TWINT merchant portal and log in. 

On the left of the Home page select "Transactions"



In the transaction overview, you can filter as required. For example, you can narrow the date range or choose the amount donated. Tip: search for transactions with the status "Settled". This will only show you transactions which are already in your account. On the following print-screen, you can see a search for billing transactions from April to May 2017.



If you're having trouble locating the transactions using only the amount and the date, "Export" the selection so as to see more details about each transaction.

In the export, you will see the TWINT Order ID for each transaction. This order ID is also displayed in every transaction in the RaiseNow Manager with the parameter "datatrans_acq_authorization_code".

  • TWINT Export: 


  • RaiseNow Manager (transaction details):


This allows you to view each transaction individually, and to see how much commission was billed for the TWINT transaction. In this example, the donation was CHF 41 (CHF 40.47 + CHF 0.53).







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