Reconciling FairGive donations

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SMS Donations

FairGive will send out a detailed SMS donation statement by email.

For this donation billing, you will receive two documents:

  1. A detailed transaction overview
  2. A summary of donations


On the detailed transaction overview, you will find the date and currency, the gross donation amount, the commission and the net donation amount. You will also see the RaiseNow transaction ID (EPP Transaction ID) with which each transaction can also be identified in the RaiseNow Manager.


The donation summary provides you with a detailed list of the gross donation amounts per operator and the respective deductions. The remaining balance is paid to you on the specified date.


RaiseNow Grassroot donations

FairGive will send a Grassroot donation account by email each month.

Here, you will find the donation amount in CHF, sorted by payment, the number of transactions and the resulting transaction costs. Also, all commissions (FairGive, RaiseNow, transaction costs) are listed in detail and you can see the net donation amount, which will be transferred to you on the specified date.

You have to filter to manage the donations in the RaiseNow Manager. For detailed information on how to filter, click here


You must set the following parameters in order to verify the donations:

  • Mode: Production (no test donations)
  • Payment Status: Final Success (only successful donations)
  • Limit the dates to the relevant month
  • Choose the payment method 
    • For credit cards donations, enter the following text in the Fulltext search: 

      payment_method_identifier:ECA OR payment_method_identifier:VIS OR payment_method_identifier:AMX

      --> this selects all MasterCard, Visa and American Express donations
    • Screen_Shot_2017-05-18_at_11.24.17.png
    • For PostFinance donations, enter the following text in the Fulltext search: 

      payment_method_identifier:PFC OR payment_method_identifier:PEF

      --> this selects all PostFinance Card and PostFinance E-Finance donations

    • For PayPal donations, choose PayPal under Payment Method
    • For Twint donations, choose Twint under Payment Method

Once you have confirmed a filter by clicking "Enter", it will show you the number of transactions and the gross donation amount.


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