Reconciling PayPal donations

Patricia Buss -

Donations made via PayPal can be viewed in your PayPal account.

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In the overview, go to "Payments received":



Here you can set the time interval to sort your payments accordingly. You can also initiate a monthly download that enables you to see all of your payments.

If you click on a specific transaction, you will see the PayPal transaction ID and the details of the payment, which shows all commissions:

In this example you see a transaction from the 12 May 2017 for the amount of CHF 30.


If you are looking for all PayPal payments from 12 May for the amount of CHF 30 in the RaiseNow Manager, you can find the PayPal transaction ID (paypal_transaction_id) in the transaction details. You can also filter directly according to this. More information on how to filter in the RaiseNow Manager can be found here: 



Thus, each PayPal payment can be matched with a donation in the RaiseNow Manager.

Please note that the name of the donor at PayPal does not have to be the same as the name in the RaiseNow Manager, since we do not make a change here. For example, Peter can donate with Felix's PayPal account, should he have his password.

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