What exactly are Webhooks and when do I use them?

Patricia Buss -

There are two ways to obtain information about a donation, that is, the payment traffic from the donor to the organisation:

  • Via the RaiseNow Manager (via API)
  • Via Webhooks

About Webhooks

This is an automated notification system to remain constantly informed about subscriptions (recurring payment receipts) or transaction state changes, such as when a payment changes to a final status (see payment status).

To create a Webhook: 

  1. Define an event, such as the time when you want to receive information about a donor's payment
  2. Define the URL where the data is transmitted securely. Thus, data from third parties, e.g. a CRM, can be processed

The event then triggers a notification by a Webhook in the form of a thank-you email to the donor. Beneficiaries have the possibility to receive a blind copy of this email (excluding Grassroot Model). 

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