How can incoming payments be assigned to the transactions in the Manager?

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The money flow for donations is varied and administratively complex. We simplify this problem with our Reconciliation solution. All donation receipts go to your organisation’s collective account. Payment receipts are recorded electronically and captured correctly, including commissions from payment providers. Any questions? Please contact

Manual Adjustment

In addition to the automatic reconciliation, one can use these three tools to reconcile payments:

  1. The RaiseNow Manager: In the RaiseNow Manager, you can see the donation inputs for all subscribed funds in real time. Detailed information is available for each payment, such as the transaction ID, which helps you to allocate donations. The data can also be filtered and exported as an Excel or .csv file for further evaluation and manipulation.
  2. The credit account where payments are received: Depending on the account, the bank or PostFinance may require detailed information, such as single bookings instead of collective bookings. Please contact your account manager at the post office or the bank to get the relevant information.
  3. Information on the provider of the various payment methods: In some instances, the vendors use the same transaction ID as our RaiseNow Manager, which makes the reconciliation much easier. This is the case with myPayments Classic by SIX for Visa and MasterCard credit cards.
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