Cleared transactions

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All cleared transactions are specifically marked under transaction details in the RaiseNow Manager. This has taken place since 4 October 2016.

How do I see which transactions are billed to me?

Here's a tutorial on how to filter the RaiseNow Manager according to the transactions billed:

  • Log in to RaiseNow Manager
  • Go to "Payments"

  • Remove all existing filters by selecting "Reset Filters"
  • Type "rnw_transaction_price: *" into the search field. RNW is short for RaiseNow.
  • Confirm by clicking "Enter".
  • The system will now search for all transactions that carry the 'price tag' of the transaction billing.

  • To filter the cleared transactions by time, select "Timeframe" as an additional filter. Either select from the options (e.g. last month) or manually enter the timeframe. In this example, all transactions were selected from January 2017.

  • In the transaction overview, you will now be able to see the total number of cleared transactions and see what has been billed to you.
  • If you now click on one of the filtered transactions, you can find the 'price tag' under the details. 25 means that you will be charged 25 cents for that transaction.

When are transactions cleared?

When you conclude an e-payment, we charge an advance for 1,000 transactions (CHF 250). Once this package is used up, we will charge for a new package. Transaction packages do not have an expiration date.

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