ddswidget.html? Help with uploading html files to your web server

Patricia Buss -

To successfully make payments through your server, you must upload an html file provided by us to your web server and tell us the URL (https://...) of the file.

By default, we have defined the path to /widgets/WIDGETKEY/ddswidget.html. WIDGETKEY means either LEMA or ELA.

For example,

The files can be downloaded here:

ELA: https: //

LEMA: https: //

  1. Enter the URL in your browser (note: not with Microsoft Edge)
  2. An error message 'Missing stored_rnw_widget_instance_id parameter in response' will appear. This can be ignored and should be clicked away
  3. Click "Save As..."
  4. Rename the file "ddswidget.html" and select the variant "html" from the possible storage formats
  5. Place this html file on your web server in the folder of the ELA  or LEMA widget.
    (Path: /widgets/WIDGETKEY/ddswidget.html)

If you get the error message 'Missing stored_rnw_widget_instance_id parameter in response' again when you click on the newly saved link (, everything is installed correctly.

If this file is not stored correctly in place, the donor will not receive a message of thanks.

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