SMS donations not possible with UPC Cablecom Mobile subscription and Swisscom Prepaid

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SMS donations with UPC Cablecom Mobile subscription not possible

For UPC Cablecom Mobile customers, SMS donations are not possible, no premium services are allowed, and in general, speed dial numbers are not active.

This is due to the fact that UPC Cablecom is a newcomer to the market, and therefore offers all inclusive SMS as part of the subscription. They therefore do not want to make data evaluation for the billing of SMS messages possible. For this reason, all value-added services are excluded since they would require an evaluation of the SMS data.

Note: SMS donations work with Coop Mobile and M-Budget.

Swisscom Prepaid customers

Premium numbers are not blocked for Swisscom Prepaid customers. However, the compliance at Swisscom differentiates between donations from 488 and other receipts via premium numbers (for example, shopping at Selecta). Thus donations to 488 are blocked for Swisscom Premium customers. We have so far not been able to make donations with Swisscom Prepaid possible, as FINMA sets these targets.

Due to the SMS Donation Statistics 2013, we have calculated that 10% of Swisscom donors are affected by this suspension. This is 5 to 6% of the entire mobile market.

Affected Swisscom Prepaid customers are sent the message "This service is unfortunately not available for prepaid customers" by SMS when a donation is made.

Note: Sunrise and Salt Prepaid continue to work without restriction.

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