Add the BRE2 widget to my website

Patricia Buss -

The BRE2 widget can be integrated using a script tag on the website.

Type = Bre2

Script tag = will be provided by the support team after ordering.

APIKey = will be provided by the support team after ordering.

Language = de, fr, en, (German, French, English) depending on your subscription and language selection

Here is a detailed description:

  1. Add the following script tag to your page and replace the placeholders type, apikey, and language with your own data which you have received from our support team. Please see the notes below for possible values of the placeholders.

    <script src="{type}/{apikey}/js/dds-init-widget-{language}.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
  2. Currently, a DOM element has to be added to identify the location of the widget on your page. Please make sure that the DOM element has the class attribute ‘dds-widget-container’. The example below uses a <div/>DOM element as the widget container.

    <div class="dds-widget-container"></div>

  3. Publish the page, open your browser, and check if the widget has integrated correctly.
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