Recurring donations via SMS

Patricia Buss -

We offer recurring donations via SMS for Advanced and Premium customers.

The following information is important for recurring donations:

  • A dedicated keyword (top or 2nd level keyword) is required
  • 1 keyword per language is required
  • The donation subscription is automatically terminated after reaching CHF 400. This is a rule of the Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM)
  • There is a possible charge per day and mobile number

How do donation subscriptions work?

The donor begins the donation subscription by sending "START RAISENOW 10" to 488. They will then be asked to confirm their donation. This process is called Double Opt-In.

They will then receive an SMS for each donation made and will have the option to end the subscription at any point.

The donation interval and the amount are freely selectable and can be defined individually.

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