Reasons for "final_errors" with SMS donations in the RaiseNow Manager

Patricia Buss -

The "Final Error" for SMS donations can occur for several reasons. The most common reasons are briefly explained below:

No donation confirmation within one hour:

After a donation of over CHF 10, donors are prompted by SMS to confirm their payment by replying “YES”. Unfortunately, this is sometimes forgotten because of inaccurate reading or late reaction. The result is that the donation expires and can only be successfully transmitted by a repeated sending of the keyword and amount and, of course, the reply "YES". Many donors do not know this and assume a successful transfer has occurred, even with a delayed "YES".

Change of supplier:

The donor has recently changed service provider and has not yet been correctly registered with the new provider on the SMS platform. This results in the failure SMS donations.

Premium service blocked:

The donor deliberately blocked Premium services, but apparently no longer knows or is not aware that SMS donations are also considered Premium services.

Swisscom Prepaid:

The donor is a Swisscom Prepaid customer. At Swisscom, Prepaid customers cannot donate with an SMS. To avoid misunderstandings, people should be informed about this before donating, if possible.

In CORRIS campaigns, it is easy to inform potential donors about the obstacles. If you are planning a campaign of this nature, you should notify CORRIS directly.

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